LEED Certified – Artis Senior Living of Potomac

We’re proud to announce our hard work and dedication has earned Artis Senior Living of Potomac a LEED certification. Earning this esteemed award is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement that provides the framework for healthy, efficient green buildings.

What Is a LEED Certification?

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widely recognized system for rating green buildings in the world. It works by evaluating a building or network of buildings against several measurements of environmental excellence set by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), including:

  • Building materials and resources
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Interior design and construction
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Water efficiency and energy consumption

This rigorous process requires teamwork from several design, construction and senior living experts; plans, specifications, and building materials are reviewed during construction and verified when construction is over.

What Does LEED Certified Mean in Senior Living?

Earning a LEED certification guarantees that a senior living community meets the highest standards for sustainability and leadership. Its holistic approach prevents both indoor and outdoor environmental impacts that result from constructing new buildings. Achieving a LEED certification also encourages eco-friendly design and energy-efficient construction that reduces pollution, decreases energy consumption, creates less waste, and adds aesthetic design to the community.

This improves air quality, promotes the addition of enhanced landscapes throughout a community, and has positive financial effects by reducing how much is spent on energy consumption. With less money spent on utilities like electricity and water, more can go back into improving the community.

A benefit many residents don’t expect from living in an eco-friendly retirement community is incredible comfort from high-quality heating, cooling and ventilation. High-efficiency systems are airtight, include appropriate insulation for the climate and are cost-effective. That means we can meet our residents’ comfort needs year-round.

How Does a LEED Certification Align with The Artis Way?

Both earning a LEED certification and providing personal Memory Care require a holistic perspective. LEED doesn’t simply focus on one element of a building; it takes a whole-building approach, and factors in the essential elements, like building materials, design and operation, to create the best building possible.

At Artis Senior Living, taking a whole-person approach to Memory Care is our philosophy. We work with families, doctors, care partners, and residents to create a customized care plan designed for each resident’s unique needs. This allows our team to create positive partnerships with residents in our senior living community, so they can continually thrive throughout retirement.

Learn More About Memory Care at Artis Senior Living

At Artis Senior Living of Potomac, we’re honored to receive this prestigious environmental certification, but we know our work isn’t done. Each day we continually strive to create settings that promote safety and independence for residents in our Memory Care community in Bethesda, MD.

To learn how your loved one can become a part of our beautiful community and discover what we’re doing to offer sustainable senior living, contact our team online today to schedule an in-person tour. Or RSVP for one of our many caregiver, community and professional events –– we’d love to have you join us!